Cannabis Edibles Online – Order Christmas Weed Cookies & Treats


Buying cannabis edibles online has never been easier and more affordable. In fact, you can order Christmas weed treats in time for the holidays! These cannabis edibles are a perfect way to add even more fun and flavour to this festive time of year. Order now, and they will be expressed shipped to your door in time to stuff some stockings.

Cannabis Edibles Online – Cookies, Brownies, Gummies & Oils

Finding cannabis edibles online that have both the benefits of pot ingestibles, and quality ingredients, is definitely possible. There is an incredible selection of THC and CBD edibles that are available year round in an array of tasty flavours and textures. Whether it is pot cookies, weed brownies, THC gummies, or CBD oils, you will find both yummy and strong edibles online.

Christmas Cannabis Edibles Online – Canna West Gingerbread-Man Cookies

Searching for Christmas cannabis edibles online to to celebrate the holidays in style? Nothing says Xmas pot treats like a traditional gingerbread man covered in delicious THC icing. Canna West knows what you crave and has handcrafted two delicious gingerbread cookies that each contain 25mgs of THC. Always tasting freshly baked, these gingerbread-men (or women) are the perfect edible for the social time of the holidays.

Canna West Gingerbread-Man – Pot Cookies Christmas

The Canna West gingerbread-man cookies are produced using only the finest quality foodstuffs. All of the THC used is of the highest purity and is guaranteed to deliver the appropriate high for your holiday needs. Canna West has long produced some of the best cannabis edibles online and they have developed a sterling reputation. These wonderful Christmas treats are only available for a limited time so make sure to order them now!

Cannabis Edibles Online – Christmas Treats & Cookies, Free Shipping

Order cannabis edibles online in time for Christmas with Daily Edibles. We offer the highest quality treats and cookies at the lowest prices. Start with Canna West’s delicious gingerbread-man and finish with free shipping for orders over $100. Happy Holidays to All!

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